What we do

What we do

Project Support

Since 1969, the Scottish Junior Chess Association Educational Trust has supported many individuals, teams and chess events, including the costs of junior international participation in the Glorney Festival Events, particularly when hosted in Scotland, and occasional contributions towards the costs of Scotland's junior representatives abroad, including coaching and chaperone support.

The Trust has also provided many smaller grants towards such diverse purposes as helping defray exceptionally high costs of schools in remote areas playing in very distant individual and team events, and contributions to equipment costs for voluntary-run regional schools competitions and start up school clubs in financially challenged areas.

The Trust has also supported various national, regional and local training and coaching schemes, occasionally delivered directly or directly supported by the trustees.

The "Visiting Chess Coach"

A Scottish Government endorsed research project on "Chess Development in Aberdeen's Primary Schools" (University of Aberdeen 2005) concluded that "substantial funding for chess development in Scotland's primary schools could improve literacy, numeracy and the confidence of pupils who require learning support" and argued a case for "a new specialist - the visiting chess coach".

Most chess teaching in schools remains essentially voluntary, led by teachers and parents - and we encourage and support that. But if any school feels that they might wish to devise such "specialist" schemes, we would be happy to offer advice and, where appropriate, help in seeking possible matching fund arrangements with other bodies, such as education authorities and larger charities.