Having fun and fundraising

The Scottish Junior Chess Association Educational Trust subscribes to the view that playing chess and fundraising for the game should be fun! The trustees have all variously been involved in staging fun events for chess and are open to any new ideas for more of the same.

Such events include, for example, living chess displays with schoolchildren as the pieces and sometimes as players too, simultaneous displays, and quickplay tournaments.

We have also raised funds by participating in Charity Bike Rides and organising our own fundraising simultaneous displays with joint partners. We are keen to do more such events.

Tips and ideas

Organising such events (which can be used for fundraising) in your own school or community is great fun. If you would like the Trust to take part in a fundraiser, such as through arranging a talk and/or a simultaneous display, please get in touch in the first instance with the Trust Secretary.

If you wish to raise funds for the Trust in a sponsored event (such as a Chessathon, Bike Ride, etc) please let us know in advance. You can create your own fundraising page at the Wonderful website, and for offline sponsorship please download HMRC's standard Sponsorship and Gift Aid declaration form.

Further information

While a completely independent charity, the Trust has often worked in partnership with Chess Scotland and shares an essentially common vision in regard to the development of chess for young people with the national body - whose official website ( contains a wealth of further useful information, including a dedicated "Schools" page, regional league and local club contacts and an events calendar.