About us

The current trustees

The trustees of the Scottish Junior Chess Association Educational Trust (as of May 2019) are:

    • Gerald Bonner (Chair)

    • Craig Pritchett (Treasurer)

    • Judith Foster (Secretary)

    • Jeremy Hughes

    • Mike Scott

    • Adrian Stalker

    • Neil Berry

We all share a passionate interest in playing chess, ranging from club to international level. We have also variously taught chess at all levels, and organised schools' clubs, leagues, and individual events, including national junior championships. We have widely promoted the game in the media, and in many local and regional settings including the Scottish Parliament.

"Off the board", we bring together a wide mix of professional skills and backgrounds, including teaching, IT, the law, community representation, medicine, research, writing, finance, and management. We believe that chess has helped us to develop a spirit of lifelong learning, community involvement and eminently transferable life-skills.