Scottish Junior Chess Association Educational Trust

The Scottish Junior Chess Association Educational Trust (SJCAET) is a Scottish registered charity. The Trust was established in 1969 to promote the study of chess among young people under 21 years of age in Scotland, particularly in schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments.

Support may be provided to individuals or organisations, including educational establishments, clubs, leagues, and tournaments.

Our Mission Today

Since 1969, a growing body of international academic research has broadly confirmed that studying and playing chess offers wide educational as well as recreational benefit.

The Trust's core purposes therefore remain vital today. We aim:

    • To promote more local, regional and national chess clubs, leagues and events for young people in schools and other educational and community settings

    • To promote greater opportunity for young people to exercise their skills and represent their country internationally

    • To support teachers and others in the development of high quality school and community chess clubs and chess teaching programmes

    • To work in partnership with all others committed to these aims


We would like to recruit some new trustees. If you are interested please contact Craig Pritchett at treasurer@scotyouthchess.org.uk